Surrendering Control: Conclusion

In conclusion:

We don’t have to know everything, sometimes what shapes our future is the journey of the unknown.  It is not to say that we shouldn’t have any idea of what we want or where we want to go and take steps toward that, but we should be able to go with the flow.  Not everything will happen the way we want but there is always a reason.  There is always something that we needed to learn or find understanding in.  Whether we see it and understand it now or 30 yrs from now, just know that there is a reason and maybe find some peace in knowing that.

I didn’t know why I had to be married to an alcoholic, and was very angry for a long time because of it.  But now I see that though that experience was not what I wanted, it was what I needed.  I am very blessed to be on the other side stronger and more resilient then before and I am now grateful for the experience because of what it taught me.  I surrendered my anger and control to God and have now attained a portion of peace I thought unattainable before.

I feel that my experiment was a great success.  Though I did not attain a daily Sadhana practice that I had originally set out to achieve, I do meditate more than before.  I also don’t get as stressed out when I can’t get in done.  And I have achieved a great deal of peace in many aspects of my life by just breathing and surrendering to God.  Let go and let God and ENJOY LIFE!