Small Task, Big Insight – Observations

During this experiment, I noticed three underlying themes which often occur in my life that just happened to pop up in the course of this particular process:  1) I people-please, 2) I try to save people, most of the time without their consent and 3) I bail out of situations that are too difficult or cause me to have to work.  As stated above, the “ideas” might be presenting themselves to me as if to make me notice or stop and go, “Ooooh, I’m doing that again.”  The three things discovered were nothing new to me.  I had actually uncovered these habits about myself long ago.  The re-discovery may have been a sign that I had gotten lazy with connecting to myself lately.  The experiment more or less tapped me on the shoulder, “Hey, just because you have already learned these things about yourself doesn’t mean you’re entitled to just float about.  If you really want to change within, you need to be more insightful, genuinely committed, determined and more consistent in your effort.”  I like to think that my sugar consumption was a way to cover up my habit of pleasing everyone else but me.  And wanting to change something about myself kind of requires a little more work than I had put forth – it won’t go away just by the realization.  It’s possible that since this experiment wasn’t a struggle, it’s a sign that I may be on the right path to paying attention to what I really need, yet also a reminder to not lose myself either.