Small Task, Big Insight – Observation and Hypothesis


Austerity; character development; restrain from non-supportive desires.


I always want to end my meals with something sugary and sweet – candy or dessert/treat.  I can’t focus on anything else until I get that last satisfaction of my desire which usually only lasts for a millisecond.  Immediately after consuming, I am physically ill – headache, dizzy, nauseous and shaky.  I know I will feel this way after so then why do I still want it?  I want to experience a sense of calm and consciousness beforehand in order to make a better decision or before I start the sweet search and yearning.

Hypothesis:  If I don’t allow myself something sweet, initially, I will be agitated and upset from the deprivation.  But not having to deal with the physical consequences that usually occur after will only benefit me.  Practicing daily pranayama (The Eight Kriyas and yogic breathing) will guide me to a more steady mind and a calmer body.  And maybe then, I will be able to stop, think and decide more clearly.