Sesame Oil is Hot: Treating Pitta

The almond oil smells better than the sesame, so I was pretty happy about that change. The room temperature food was not as unappealing and I managed to get it down.  After a couple of days I started eating mostly hot foods again without even noticing.  Now hot food is what I want almost all the time and it seems to be making me feel warmer. My skin is just as soft as it was with the sesame oil.

My thought on what changed in my desire for cold food is that the sesame oil was just too warming for me.  If I have more pitta than I thought, that makes sense, just like Beth and Susan said.  It’s amazing how oil on the outside of your body can change so drastically what is happening inside your body.  Though I will continue to struggle with balancing my vata and pitta, I feel like I am on the right track.  This experiment, if nothing else, helped me to better understand what my true dosha is.  One day maybe I will fell like my vata isn’t raging out of control. I’m not sure I have it totally correct yet, but baby steps are always better than no steps!