Self-Study: Looking In

Twelve weeks ago I entered into the Axis Teacher Training Program with the intention of fulfilling a longtime desire to become yoga teacher certified and maybe one day to teach. I’m less than three weeks away from reaching that goal and I’ve come to realize that this training has become so much more than a certification process. It sounds cliché, but it’s been a life altering experience.

A lot can happen in twelve weeks. The Universal Force, or whatever you would like to call it, has been testing me. Man, has it been testing me. Thank god I learned how to deal with a lot of my anxiety in the last experiment, so I didn’t have a nervous breakdown last week. Instead, I had a lovely meltdown. Ok, two lovely meltdowns. Life gets heavy sometimes and it’s about how you deal with the crappy situations that makes the difference between moving through them or getting stuck in a rut. In these moments, more than ever, I am thankful to have a consistent yoga practice in my life. When I refer to yoga, I’m no longer referring to simply the asana practices I associated with yoga before entering into this program. Yoga has evolved to become a spiritual journey into self-discovery; a journey to become a better human being through meditation, pranayama, reading of spiritual texts and community.