Self care = self love: Method

Due to my medical constraints (medications, etc), I opted for a low intensity experiment.  I decided to add drinking warm milk with nutmeg before bed and a daily external oleation routine.  Near the end of the experiment I took up trying meditation with a mantra.

1 – a half hour before I intended to go to bed I would warm up my milk, turn off all electronics and read or just sit with it for a while, then get ready for bed.

2 – right before bed, I would oil my feet with sesame oil and sleep with that on (with socks, of course)

3 – every day before my shower I practiced an external oleation with sesame oil all over my body.  Since the time is there for me right now, I tried to really make this a treat and not to just slather the oil on, but to really enjoy it.

4 – Attempt at meditation with the gayatri mantra  (ongoing)