Replacing Unhealthy Habits: Strong start

Day one was interesting. I woke up around 8:30am, which is very unusual for me because usually I’m hung over and sleep until noon. So this was good. I went for a run, but not so I can be skinny but so I can get the blood flowing and the juices going. I felt good! I got back from my run and I did fifteen minutes of asana, mostly sun salutations. And then I sat down comfortably to meditate. I did a few variations of the eight kriyas and started with OM. As the third OM came out of my mouth my mother’s 125lb Rottweiler, Bear came and jumped on my lap. I thought, “Don’t break your concentration, Hannah you are supposed to be meditating, he will go away”. He didn’t go away. I gave in and gave him a belly rub. I didn’t think of it as a fail, I just thought to myself “I’ll do mediation in my room tomorrow”.
I was really surprised with myself that I didn’t have much urge to drink. After work I usually hang out for a few beers, which turn into a few shots. Things were going well. In my morning meditation I even managed to be quiet and still for my fifteen minutes. Meditation is challenging for me. I’m not ever sure if I’m doing it right and my focus is usually pretty short, but on the days when I could bring myself back to my object I thought it was nice to be practicing and learning.
Through my tapas experiment I wanted to gain a routine and a sense of balance. If I could remove partying and drinking then I could have a nice morning practice before work and peace and quiet before bed. The first week was nice. I got up I did my morning practice, I went to work. At night it was nice going to sleep with a clear mind.