Re-Focusing Sexual Energy: The Plan

If Bramhamacharya is about re-focusing sexual energy, then if I focus that energy on spiritual practice, I will become more aware of my interconnectedness with others on an energetic level and that will reduce my focus on the more primal physical or ego-based connections (ie the source of my non-virtuous words, thoughts, & deeds). 

The simple explanation of my experiment is to be chaste or ‘of virtuous character’ in word, thought and deed. On the philosophical level this means to me that I will honor the divinity or authentic self of others by being virtuous in the way I speak to them, about them, act towards them and even think about them. In practical terms I will practice to the best of my ability virtuous character in:

  • my words – how I speak about others, and how much I talk about sex (a popular topic amongst my friends).
  • my thoughts – I will refrain from fantasizing about others in sexual or romantic ways.
  • my deeds – looking at my motives when acting towards others (ie not talking to someone just because I think they’re cute)

I will observe my behavior and journal about it over the course of this experiment.