Donation Based Public Classes!

Dear Everyone,

DSC_0014It used to be that our program was all or nothing.  People would sign up for the program, with a good deal of faith, never having experienced the teachings first hand.  While many of the instructors and I offer some classes around town, it is not the same as attending an actual Axis Yoga oriented class.  What we offer is quite unique.

Another way we have tried to give people access to the program is through the web.  We have tailored our website to give as visceral a sense of the training as possible.  We’ve added this blog, a photo gallery, student testimonials and are in the process of creating a short video.

While the web is certainly more sophisticated than a flyer, it is not the same as attending an actual class.  Recognizing the need for students to have more access to our program, and as a general offering to the community ,we have come up with a solution!

We will now be offering ongoing classes available to past graduates and anyone else who is interested in an in depth workshop-style classes.  The classes are scheduled to meet from 9am-11am, once a month on the following dates:

January 30th
February 20th
March 13th
April 17th
May 15th

Classes will be conducted at the Consulate Healing Center on 750 E. 9th ave. That would be on 9th ave. between the cross streets of Washington and Clarkson.  What’s more, in keeping with our donation based philosophy; the classes will be offered entirely on a donation basis.  Contribute as you see fit.

This is exciting news for us at Axis Yoga Trainings!  We are thrilled to be able to expand our services in such a way that everyone benefits.