Practicing Truthfulness: Failures

First and foremost I did not commit to this experiment nearly as much as I should have or wanted to. For the first week I focused quite diligently, really focusing on how I was forming my sentences and being concise in the words that I spoke. As time passed I found my focus drifting into deepening my Sadahna and Asana practice, and thinking less and less about Satya. As I strayed further and further away from the task at hand I became increasingly frustrated with my lack of ability to follow this Yama. I found myself lying internally as the frustration sank in. I told myself that was too busy deepening other portions of the training that I deemed ‘more important.’ However, it seems more that I simply dif not want to see this ugly side of my personality and any excuse that I could make in order to not face it was fine, and I sure found them. Perhaps learning this was a success and not a failure overall.