Panchakarma the Experiment: Conclusion

In doing this Panchakarma I have noticed many differences in myself. I used to have a propensity to sleep too much, what I thought was a Kapha quality. It seems though that my sleeping was most likely an excess of Ama. I’m up at 6 am now without alarms or the desire or ability to go back to sleep. Believe me I tried. My temper is more in check and I’m just generally happier and calmer. I crave raw foods and I have a healthy increase in appetite. I have gone from eating maybe once a day to being noticeably hungry a few times a day. In reestablishing my diet I defiantly notice when I’m not doing something conducive to my body, almost immediately it lets me know.  I have naturally begun to spend more time chanting and meditating too.

As to my Dosha status, I’m still not really sure. I defiantly exhibit Pitta qualities these days but in my youth I was very Kapha. Maybe as I approach my golden years I will be more Vatta and thereby Tri-doshic. Maybe I am Dual-doshic. We’ll see. I was defiantly Pitta provoked and full of Ama, now I have the tools to continue to balance myself and stay balanced.