Pacifying Vata: Observations

During the latter part of the first week I noticed that my bowel movements change a little, but I was still having constipation related issues with movements lasting in excess of 10 minutes and feeling unfinished.  During this period I also noted that I wasn’t overly hungry as I thought I would be despite cutting out a lot of sugar, but was sleepy during the day.  Towards the end of the week I was still able to maintain my sleep patterns but still woke up several times during the night.  Through the two week period and continued my routine to either swim or jog on the treadmill for approximately 35 minutes in the morning.

In the second week I found my energy level increasing.  My bowel movements seemed to be more concentrated entering to the latter part of the week, with a shorter amount of time on the toilet and two to three productive movements during the course of the day.  Another interesting observation I found during the week was my craving for sweets and salty foods seemed to be dissipating.  There were plenty of temptations in the office for these snacks, but I resisted eating these, instead eating fruit or carrots.