Pacifying Vata: Conclusion

As I completed the two week Ayurveda experiment, I feel a positive impact from the dietary changes made.  At this point it is difficult to discern if it was a combination of the incremental changes or predominately from the kitchuri fasting.  My increased energy level was rather surprising as I moved through the two week period.   Not that I was trying to lose weight but over the two week period I lost 6 pounds.  One important reflection as I wrote down daily what I ate and what I subsequently experienced was how nasty my eating habits were prior.  Just writing my pre-experiment dietary habits down was an eye-opening experience.  I intend to continue my dietary changes and assessing my digestive issues beyond this two-week period.  Although I have experienced some positive changes relative to my digestive imbalance issues, I would like to further develop eating habits which foster a healthy lifestyle and a balanced vata.

Going forward I am going to concentrate eating foods and daily practices, which calm and center the vata in me.  Review of the recommended foods for my predominate dosha revealed that some changes are in order with a leaning towards warm and cooked foods.  One habit already changed is from my morning ritual of coffee and sweets to herbal teas and fruits.  I will attempt to add a little more routine into meals; however, this may be difficult given the hectic activities with my two boys.  In conclusion, the experiment was fun and beneficial given its potential to make a long lasting difference in my health.