Overcoming Unhealthy Attachments: Experiment

With excitement in my undertaking and dedication to my personal growth, I set off with Desikachar’s words on my mind: “When we are attentive to our actions we are not prisoners to our habits”(Heart on Yoga p.6). My experiment happened in a rather linear style where I created a table highlighting a thought for which I was grasping, leading me to question why I desire that outcome and further, what affirmations can I raise to counteract those thoughts? A few examples from my experiment chart include:

A thought that has me stuck, grasping for an outcome.

Why do I desire that outcome?

What thought waves should I raise instead?

1. I need my house to be clean I like to maintain a good image of my space and myself. I take pride in my house. I have a beautiful home just as it is.
2. When I have a friend over for dinner I need my meal to be perfect. I see my meal as a reflection of myself. I can’t wait to enjoy a wonderful meal in the company of a great friend.
3. I want the woman that I am dating to contact me, I haven’t heard from her. I enjoy our communication, it’s reassuring to know that she’s thinking about me, and I have come to expect it. I am loved by me and that is fulfilling.
4. I feel as if I’m gaining weight and that my body doesn’t feel as good as it once did, so I want to loose weight I have not been exercising as much and therefore, I just don’t feel as fit as I like. I will practice self-love and treat my body with respect because she’s beautiful.
5. I am worried and nervous about sharing this work with my yoga peers. It feels vulnerable to share my thoughts on what I am working on (weaknesses) because I could be judged. I am a work in progress and by sharing and expressing myself I open up new opportunities for growth.