Opening Space for a Life of Yoga: Reclamation

I came to Axis Yoga trainings for many reasons: to deepen my yoga practice, to connect with a local, community of like-minded individuals and to learn how to guide others on a path of self-exploration. However, underpinning all of those intentions was one core desire: to reclaim my yoga practice as my own.

As I began to envision my personal experiment, I first reflected on the many wonderful changes that have come into my life since beginning the YTT. I have stopped many of the painful and unhealthy habits I previously allowed to dictate my life: caffeine, alcohol and even sugar. I pushed myself to find a routine that balanced my dosha and helped me re-direct my energy into sustaining my life rather than my work. And most importantly, I have found a personal practice and succeeded in integrating that deeply into my daily life and intimate relationship.