Opening Space for a Life of Yoga: Moving In

As a testament to my transformation and to my ongoing commitment, I decided to create a sacred space in my home that would be dedicated to sacred practice. As I looked into the various spaces, I had only two real options: one was a room in the basement with no light, no air circulation and a long habit of being ignored. The other was my office – a place where I spend much of my life working and a space filled with ego-gratifying displays of success. I decided to transform my office and in doing so re-enforce my commitment to placing my Self at the center of my life and removing work from its previous central role.

There were many lessons in releasing my office and all of its associations from my home space and to be effective I worked closely with my partner who also lives with me. In this act of aparigraha, non-coveting, we came together to remove the furniture, books, and memories that had established themselves in our home. As the room emptied out so did our thoughts and feelings about the dreams and desires we held for our life together. We talked about our mutual desire to learn about and strive for harmony with the spirit that moves in all things and we talked about ways that we could support each other’s journey. We talked about some of the challenges we have had recently in our relationship and had an opportunity to honestly express the needs of hearts. By creating this space in our home, we also created a new space within our relationship – a space of deep mutual love and a space that supports our search for the divine.