One Step at a Time: Step Two

Given that I was so agitated from quitting Diet Coke, I knew I had to include coffee and caffeine so I made quitting as many forms of caffeine as possible part of this process.  I decided that this would be my second step.  I only allowed myself teas and I made sure that the teas I was drinking were either “herbal infusions” that didn’t have tea caffeine or had ginger for the focused feeling I craved from caffeine.  This seemed to take a bit of the edge off but the headaches and mood swings were completely unexpected.  I replaced my desire for carbonation with flavored seltzer waters that seemed to curb my grumpiness a bit.  I also increased my water intake to at least 50 ounces of water a day.  As I am not a huge water drinker, I planned on aiming at the 50-ounce mark with the hopes of making it to 100 ounces daily in the next month.