One Step at a Time: Accomplishments

I felt that my experiment was not as concise as I would have ideally hoped but the issues that I addressed in this experiment were items that I had long ignored.  I have managed to cut caffeine out entirely of my food intake along with the chemicals I was ingesting from the Diet Coke.  My withdrawal symptoms have disappeared and my agitation level has dropped drastically.  My water intake has increased to about 50-75 ounces per day.  The level of difficulty that I had starting the meal modification step surprised me the most.  I couldn’t believe how resentful I was of this portion of the experiment.  I feel like my success rate in this area was about 60%-40%.  I would like to get it up to Susan’s ideal of 80%-20% and am hopeful that with continued focus, I will be able to achieve this goal.  The abhyanga was a smashing success and provided the additional results of smoothing my extremely dry skin, decreasing caffeine withdrawal agitation in the morning, and made waking something to look forward to.  My next goal in the continuation of this experiment is twofold.  I would like to focus on eating more vegetables and fruits while reducing my bread intake.  I would also like to integrate two additional self-care items into my morning routine:  tongue scraping and swishing.