Moving, Mothering and Mindfulness: Teacher Comments

Axis Yoga Trainings’ students received customized feedback and suggestions for their ayurvedic experiments.  Here is what Susan Bernhardt, AYT’s lead ayurveda instructor, had to say about this students process.

“What a great insight: “”mindfulness can be tough because the minute you really start paying attention, buried thoughts and patterns begin to come to light and you inevitably begin to shift a little bit.”” So true.

I love that you started involving yourself more in your son’s routine. It’s a wonderful way to create a dinacharya and to be with him. It’s perfectly fine to create your own dinacharya to fit you and your situation. One of the keys to reducing vata is to have a routine – it’s the fact of a routine rather than the particular routine that is most important. And, of course, the self-care component of what you did is huge.

I’m glad that overall you found the experiment to be positive. It’s a process for sure, but it sounds like you are well on your way!

Thank you for the thoughtful experiment and paper.