Moving, Mothering and Mindfulness: Sowing Seeds

All in, the positives of this experience have far outweighed the negatives. There is of course plenty of work still to be done and opportunities for practice and growth at every corner. Self-regulating consistency is not my strongest suit and my natural tendencies toward anger and irritability are still alive and well within me, but I’m learning to navigate these familiar waters more effectively via mindfulness and anticipation. For example, opting out of a power-walk drenched in black clothing and the hot Colorado sun days before my cycle begins. And so I believe that this experiment as well as my time thus far in YTT has planted some real seeds in the soils of my life most desperate for nourishment, attention and care. With so much change and newness surrounding me and in addition to learning more about yoga, Ayurveda and the doshas it feels like I am absolutely at the beginning of something wonderful, while in the same breathe like I’m returning home to myself in some ways. I am grateful to this experience and to these seeds, may they continue to help me to grow strong stalks of which to bear abundant fruit. Namaste.