Marrying Yoga and Religion: The Plan

Overall this personal experiment has tranquilly propelled me deeper into my connection with the divine light and exploration of Self-realization. This process has guided me towards clarity in a variety of inclinations to serve humanity. Expansion of my meditation practices coupled with letting go of my perfectionist tendencies uncovered several areas where I can contribute to my community through yoga. Hereafter, my intention is to continue to meditate upon these Self-realizations and to visualize confidence in myself to carry these ideas into reality. Ultimately, I know I need to follow my Guru’s teachings as best I can even if just for a few minutes every day. This approach will best prepare me to plant the seeds necessary to accomplish my Self-realized intentions towards a much greater mission of love and service to all humanity. My faithful connection with the divine combined with loving and serving others goes hand in hand; for me to truly live up to my full God given potential, I must have both in order to reach authentic Self-Realization.

“Everything else can wait, but your search for God cannot wait”   (Paramahansa Yogananda) and love one another (George Harrison).  These were George Harrison’s last words before he passed.

Yogananda, P. (1956) Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons. Los Angeles, CA.