Living on the Brighter Side: Finding the Smile

I knew that I was going to have to play tricks on my mind, in a sense. I wasnʼt going to be able to just think happy thoughts. Happy thoughts are definitely a good start but I was looking for something with a quicker effect to the body and brain. My first night on the transformation, I prepared my tools. I made what I like to call a Smile Jar. In this large jar I typed up and cut out strips of positive affirmations, fun facts, funny rules, and other sayings that would make me smile. Once everyday I have taken a note out and read it. Sometimes I would put it on my fridge or place it somewhere in my car to read. This morning task was not only fun to make but has put a small enjoyment into the beginning of my day. I also encourage visitors to take a positive note from the jar. The rule though is if they take one, they must write down a positive note of their own and place it in the Smile Jar. I apparently have inspired others with this idea after posting the idea online. Which in return has made me feel great because who doesnʼt want to inspire others in a positive light.