Learn, Heal, Live: For Me

When I set out to make a life change I honestly didn’t know what to expect. By life change I’m referring to resigning from my job at a local school district and launching LEARN HEAL LIVE (LLL). My goals for LLL were to create a space that would allow me to utilize my passions and talents (some talents are still in the making (e.g. yoga)

LEARN is the entity within LLL that will focus on facilitating and strategic planning. For the last three years of my life I have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to this work and feel very comfortable leading from a place of practice based knowledge. 30 days post startup I have submitted my first proposal for a contract with the city of Denver. I’m thrilled, nervous about it all, yet feel at peace.

LIVE will focus on my first career and longtime passion, real estate! Again post startup I have started working with Lucero Real Estate as a real estate assistant while I study for my real estate exam. Things here are moving fast and I love it. At this point I’m getting a lot of hands on training and experience from a seasoned veteran of the real estate world.