Learn, Heal, Live: For Them

HEAL, this is where you may be most interested, seeing that this paper is a requirement of my yoga teacher training and my future goals. With all that I have shared above you can imagine that my life has been a bit busy. Needless to say the experiment initially started with my desire to focus on starting to learn and practice teaching or assisting a yoga class in Spanish. My interest of teaching yoga in Spanish derives from my desire to connect the Spanish speaking community to yoga.

Like learning how to use directive and proper language to teach yoga in English, I must learn to teach yoga in Spanish. Neither of which are an easy feat. I needed to find teachers teaching in Spanish.

My first outreach was to a local non-profit who has a trauma based yoga class for women in Spanish. I reached out to them with all my enthusiasm only to be told that their classes are closed to the public. Well, I was saying to myself. Self you are no public person; you are a yoga teacher in training, why won’t these folks open up to that. I since have learned that trauma sensitive yoga classes are ones which require a great deal of confidentially, trust and a space that is consistent. With that said I resigned myself to learning yoga en Espanol elsewhere. I also realized that I need training in understanding the emotional and physiological needs of students who are overcoming traumatic experiences in order to do the best I can with them.