Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer

In the previous blog, I discussed how online reviews can help you determine the right yoga teacher training for you.  It is a simple and convenient way to start. To go deeper, I suggest you speak with any programs Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer. 

The Yoga Alliance requires that there be one specific person who teaches the majority of content – the “lead teacher”.  This person also plays a key role in designing the overall program and it’s content as well.

They have a watchtower view of the flow of the program and be able to highlight its strengths and weaknesses.  Think of them as the conductor of the orchestra of peer-teachers, the content of the training.  Truthfully, some people are more masterful at holding that much space, and all those moving parts, than others. In part, you need to gauge their ability in your one on one conversation.

The lead yoga teacher trainer can tell you what they are good at. They should also be able to tell you they don’t emphasize in their training. Furthermore, they should be able to articulate what they look for in a student. Remember, you are not the only one in the training, your peers will be a critical part of your experience as well.   

I’d be dubious if the lead yoga teacher trainer speaks in overly generalized terms.

If you want to learn about meditation, ask exactly how long you can expect to meditate. Or ask the underlying philosophy behind their approach to meditation. What is the range and average amount of time you spend in meditation?  I’d be dubious of a program that cannot see its own biases and claims to do it all.

Ideally, this will not be their first time a lead-instructor has offered a yoga teacher training.  In my view, lead yoga teacher trainers should have at least five years of experience teaching before instructing a YTT.  It takes years to refine the content of a training.

Furthermore, there will probably be 3-4 additional teachers present in the program. One teacher who focuses on anatomy as a simple example. Or another who specializes in philosophy. The lead yoga teacher trainer keeps the beat of the program and additional teachers add embellishments, color and flavor.

It is worthwhile to speak with those instructors as well. Ask how they see their role in the flow of the course and how many actual hours they will teach. You may love what they have to offer and they may only be there for three out of 200 hours. Ask how many hours they plan to teach.  A bit of math will clarify exactly what you sign up for.

In summary, there are lots of ways to assess if a yoga teacher training is right for you.  A direct conversation with the lead yoga teacher trainer will be very informative and help determine which training is best for you.