Latest and Greatest: OBSERVATION

Over the years since I have moved to Colorado’s dry climate, I have observed a seasonal rash develop in the spring and early fall seasonal transitions. This rash has typically been isolated to both of my upper and lower limbs and appears to be similar to hives and very itchy .Itching does worsen the rash. Only in rare instances when the rash is severe has it moved to my abdomen, hands, and buttocks. I have always attributed this rash to the arid climate in which we live, and dryness (dehydration) within the body. I have taken an evening primrose and fish oil supplement for years to help balance hormones and help with PMS. It has now occurred to me (with my recent acquisition of Ayurvedic knowledge) that this rash could be attributed to more than just external environment. I now attribute this rash to seasonal changes and also a doshic imbalance. It seems when pitta is high, the rash is worse. I have done extensive research in the past about eczema, and have attempted to utilize some natural cures including; essential oils, different moisturizing lotions, coconut oil, sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs, proper diet, and exercise to help manage stress levels (the rash seems to be worse when intense stress is present).