Know the 3 D’s: Daily Routine

Morning Routine:

Wake up

Express Gratitude

Drink water, take probiotic


Wash face

Scrape tongue

Brush teeth


Swish oil (coconut)

Neti pot

Nasya oil in nose



Oil body/feet; lavender oil rubbed clockwise on soles of feet to promote digestion


Prepare for work


              Each day I try to do at least 5 minutes. Generally it ends up being 20 – 30 minutes. I start by lighting incense and doing the Gayatri mantra followed by the first 24 hand mudras. After this, I do the four purifications and sometimes another pranayama exercise. Then I begin meditation. This has been the area that I struggle with the most because my mind will often wander to what I need to accomplish for the day. Often I just sit in silence and try to focus my mind on my breath. Lately, I have been imagining all of the celestial bodies above my head. Then I breathe them into the pit of my stomach.

I recently got a copy of The Four Desires by Rod Stryker. I’m really excited about the journey that this book will guide me through. I am currently on the first exercise where-in I work to uncover my dharma. I have ordered the CDs that go along with the book and I’m excited to do the guided meditations using this resource.


I continue to go at least 4 times per week to my yoga studio. I try to get to the studio a little early so that I can focus on my mind and set my intention for my practice before class begins. I’ve also started to close my eyes more often while I practice and look around me as little as possible. I also listen to my body and don’t feel that I need to do everything that the instructor cues. I have made it my own practice. I ensure that I lay in shavasana for about 10 minutes after the class is done.