Just Be: Realization

I got a whole lot more out of this experience than I could have predicted in the beginning. I had no idea how much better it could feel to treat myself kindly while accepting everything this life has offered me already is perfect just the way it is. I have learned to genuinely be happy and comfortable with myself and as that self, I feel I am projecting myself more truly and appropriately finding a good deal of confidence and courage in the search for contentment. I have accepted so many people for just who they are, even the ones that I had issues getting along with at work and in my every day life. The more I accepted each day that this, was exactly the place I was meant to be in, at this time in my life, the easier life seemed to me suddenly. So many foolish and petty ideas disappeared and do not seem to matter the way they did before. My appreciation towards myself and my family has become much more apparent as well as my affection towards those special people in my life. It is not necessary that you let go of your human emotions which we are all victim to, anger, envy and desire for example, in order to find this “supreme joy” that Pantajeli speaks of; but rather that you embrace yourself and those around you for their flaws and their qualities without letting anger, envy or desire get the better of you. Remembering to always be transforming and evolving as an individual. Our minds are powerful tools that can offer happiness in a split second, but even the mind needs to be content, still, and at peace with the thoughts and actions being product of it. Once you wake up and you do not even need to bring awareness to your sense of contentment because it is already present in your daily life, once you do not need to remind yourself, and condition yourself, to think about the things in your life worth being grateful and thankful for, you have reached Santosa, you have gained ultimate and everlasting joy. I hope for all of the World that they can realize You are everything you were meant to be and that is enough, to just BE.