Jason’s Sequence

**Designed for lower back pain, weak knees, stress, anxiety, weight loss**


All poses should be done vigorously and held for an extended period of time. Modifications are available if needed for your knees. I’ve provided a longer meditation period for grounding and relaxation.


Baddhakonasana-Bound Angle

Bhardavajasana I-Bhardavaja’s Twist


Suptabadhakonasana -Reclined Bound Angle

Uptavishtakonasana -Open Angle Pose

Trikonasana -Triangle

Vrikshasana -Tree

Trikonasana -Triangle


Parvritta Trikonasana -Revolved Triangle

Uttanasana -Standing Forward Fold

Ardha Chandrasana-Half Moon

Ardhabadhapada Uttanasana -Half Lotus Forward Bend (?)

Ardha Matsyandrasana -Half Sage Twist x2

Salambasana +Var. -Locust

Bhujangasana -Cobra

Adhomukasvanasana/Balasana -Dog/Childs

Parvrittajanusirsasana -Revolved Head of the Knee Pose

Janusirsasana -Head of the Knee Pose

Supta Padangusthasana-Reclining Big Toe with a strap

Paschittmotanasana -Seated Forward Fold

Malasana-Garland Pose

Pasasana-Noose Pose

Sarvangasana -Shoulder Stand

Halasana -Plow

Karnipidasana -Womb Pose

Shavasana -Corpse


Meditation: sit quietly in an upright comfortable position and start silently counting backward from 50. As your concentration improves, you can move the starting count higher, to 100, 200 or even 500. This exercise will improve your concentration and help you remember things better.

Jason’s Comments:

I am brand new to yoga. I am studying massage therapy, and that’s making Chelsea and my’s transitions into our new careers much easier, because we are going into similar fields and we are doing it at the same time. We are a great support and source of strength to each other. I never had an interest in yoga, but when I was told to stay strong in my body for massage therapy, I turned to Chelsea and her yoga. She created my sequence, which was similar to hers. It was nice to be able to do it together. I feel stronger, calmer and more confident in yoga and in my body. My back feels much better, too.”