Axis Yoga Trainings is now….
The Denver Yoga Underground!!!

You searched “Yoga in Denver” and we came up.  Or maybe you’d caught word of the Denver Yoga Underground (formally Axis Yoga) on the street. Perhaps now is the time to become an instructor, and you came to scope out our yoga teacher training

Still others come here looking for one of our Pay What You Can workshops or retreats.  One thing is fairly certain, your definitely in it for more than “just the asana”.  

Part of you already knows that there is much more to yoga than a curated IG shot. More to it than handstands. And much more than a monthly membership and $128 yoga pants. A mirror and a clever soundtrack are not the soul of your practice.

That’s not you. Where else can you go?
We can help.

Two yoga students leaning into one another with palms joined while standing outside.

The Denver Yoga Underground is the road less travelled:

  • Practice in a welcoming and low key environment with like minded, yet diverse group of peers
  • Study classic yoga teachings rooted in history, presented by seasoned teachers with decades of experience
  • Build a bridge between this time-honored, yogic theory and your daily life
  • New to Denver? Looking for your yoga tribe? We can help.
  • Take an immersive workshop or retreat with one of Denver’s top notch teachers on a Pay What You Can basis

Just a bit about me:

My name is Derik Eselius. I founded the Denver Yoga Underground (then Axis Yoga) back in 2003 at the request of students who wanted to take a deep dive.

Personally, I was introduced to yoga in 1991 while on a rogue trip to India right after highschool. I learned classical practices (asana, pranayama, meditation, fasting, silence and more) and had life changing experiences. Insight number one:

“I had no idea that it was possible to feel this good!” 

My life path was set.

Fast forward a few decades and I have studied A L-O-T of asana, with world renowned teachers and a few home-grown favorites (Namaste Perry!).  I’ve also completed many a yoga teacher training with globally recognized instructors.

All of that aside, meditation has always been the most dear to me – the truest friend.  I’m also a family man who fosters peace and love in our home.

The Denver Yoga Underground is a reflection of my best understanding of how to share classical yoga in contemporary society in a way that is both equitable and sustainable.

Here’s how we do it:

Community & CelebrationShort Workshops
2-3 Hours
Workshops & Retreats
2-3 Days
Yoga Teacher Training
3.5 Mon.
o Holiday celebrations
o Practicums
o Open houses
o Blog & video content
o Gong baths
o Partner events
o Yoga teacher clinics
o Classic yoga study
o Guest presenters
o Mountain retreats
o Continuing ed.
o Classic yoga study
o Leading content
o Premier offering
o Dedicated teachers
o Holistic
o Immersion
o Learn to teach

The Denver Yoga Underground is a safe and welcoming haven for people who:

  • Are dedicated to the journey
  • Open to self-discovery and spiritual growth
  • Want to become more integrated and live more skillfully in the world
  • Have genuine positive regard for others, and a willingness to contribute to their welfare
  • Prefere a taste of mystery and wonder over the trance of consumerism
  • Welcome conscious community and want a safe place to laugh, be real and connect with fellow underground yogis

So glad you found us.
Love to meet you in person at a workshop, retreat, yoga teacher training, or just to chat over chai.

Yours in the Spirit, Tradition and Service of Yoga,

Derik Eselius in malasana in front of a Denver church

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