Getting Out of Your Head: Summary

In a big nutshell:

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember.  Instead of connecting with people and relating, it was just me, a pen, and paper.  Sitting for hours and drawing my life as I saw it or wanted it to be was my life force.  School was art-centered.  College was even better because it gave me more opportunity to fully immerse myself into being creative.  Working in the corporate world for the past 13 years being told how to design and what to design sort of interrupted my flow of creativity up until last year when I left it all.  The process to do my art again has been slow.


I would like to give myself the opportunity to create something – a doodle, sketch, an entire piece — something expressive, something artistic once a week.  Maybe then I can get that momentum going again and just have it flowing from my fingertips instead of reeling in my head and feeling stuck.