Getting Out of Your Head: Goal

The process of being creative and staying creative has gone through different stages in my life.  As a small child, it streamed like water from a steady flowing faucet.  The thoughts, emotions, urges, expressions all came out effortlessly and consistently.  School and college still supported the imagination but then the work started turning into assignments with due dates.  Fast forward to the working world and corporation employment – something happens emotionally and/or mentally that somehow halts my ability to express myself.  The ideas are there spinning in my head, collecting in folders on my computer desktop, saved and bookmarked…. but I just can’t seem to let it go.

The goal of creating something once a week to share with others was supposed to be an easy way to get it all out – to not feel stuck, to stop keeping it all inside and connect with others.  The experiment was not as successful as I wanted it to be.  One piece of work was created and shared within three weeks.  There was a lot of judgment and criticism, “Only ONE piece of art in three weeks?  Good artists constantly doodle and have something to reveal daily.  What’s wrong with you?”