Getting Out of Your Head: Conclusion

I knew deep inside that I was the only one beating up myself.  I was the only person holding myself down.  Once I became aware of the mantra “analysis causes paralysis”, I then put myself through an exercise of closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, and jumping in.  Thoughts are like chatter, sometimes, it gets to be too much.  I am left covering my ears, screaming, and running out of the room.  Since it has only been a year that I have been doing this practice of nurturing and motivating, I still need to stop, and self-guide myself to even pick up a pencil.  Imperfection is still something I am learning to become friends with – it’s OK to draw a line that doesn’t make sense, it’s OK if I only do one sketch a week, a month, or whenever it happens.  No one is expecting anything of me, I am in safe place of expression.  Everyday is a work-in-progress.