Meet the line up of presenters and learn more about what they will present at the Denver Yoga Gathering. Join some of Colorado’s most seasoned teachers in a day long journey into the essential teachings of yoga and wellness wrapped in the spirit of connection, sound and celebration.

R.R. Shakti PhD.

Dr. Rachel Redding (R.R. Shakti, PhD) is a Contemplative Mythologist, ritual facilitator, artist, and writer who holds a doctoral degree for her work on Hindu Tantra, Jungian Psychology and Goddess Traditions. Shakti presents a Tantrik approach to personal empowerment and social action. Through contemplative story-telling and mind/body practices, she offers a vision of deep peace and inner power.

Gathering Presentation – Morning (10 & Afternoon (3.25 hrs total):

(1) PART ONE Yoga & the Alchemical Opus A Mythic Experience of Union & Transformation.
Enter the realm of Esoteric Alchemy to discover the psycho-spiritual origins of Yoga Tantra. Join R.R. Shakti, PhD as she dives into the archives of her doctoral work on Tantra Yoga, Depth Psychology & Goddess Traditions.

(2) PART TWO Mystic Psychology | Yoga as portal to the Soul
This workshop begins with a question: “Have you felt the edges where Body touches Soul?” Mental Health is a crucial topic these days and Psychology is struggling to keep up.

Together, we will approach some of the most inviting aspects of the Mystic Yoga Traditions to reach a new dimension of the Psychological Treasury.

Zaidy Charron

Zaidy, a devoted embodiment teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner, combines ancient wisdom with modern perspectives, guiding individuals on a journey to reconnect with their awakened heart through movement and holistic healing. Zaidy integrates Ayurveda, yoga, and herbalism in her practice, offering individualized pathways for clients of all ages and health concerns to cultivate vitality and balance.

Gathering Presentation – Afternoon (2.25 hrs):

Ojas Cultivation: Nourishing Vitality for Resiliency and Longevity
In this workshop, participants embark on a soulful exploration, unraveling the mysteries of Ojas as a way to foster resiliency, sexual well-being, and the precious gift of longevity. Zaidy will lead you through meditation, purposeful asana, mantra, and a lecture not just for understanding but to personally experience Ojas.

It’s the alchemical essence infusing strength, endurance, juiciness (rasa), sexual wellbeing and inner radiance into every fiber of your being. Rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom and elemental theory.

April 6th, 9:30-6:30
700 S. Bonnie Brae Blvd. – 80209
Just 108 Spaces Available!

Erik Vienneau

Erik Vienneau, LPC has dedicated his life to ending his own suffering to wake up to our shared, deepest truth. A Naropa University trained, Licensed Professional Counselor, based in Colorado, Erik has helped thousands of people take the journey from stuck to free via AWAKE Mindful Living. Erik’s down-to-earth energy flows with compassion for everyone stuck with beliefs that are not giving them the satisfaction that is their birthright.

Gathering Presentation with Lauren Adamo – Morning (1 hr):

True Relaxation, a Journey from Stressed to Free
Do you have a hard time slowing down? Do you go fast all week and then “crash” on the weekends? Do you crave alcohol, TV, substances and other distractions so you can “relax?”

Our culture gives people a gold star for “working hard” and being stressed. What if there was a way to just be OK vs having the need to recover?

But, what if true relaxation has nothing to do with “doing?” In this True Relaxation, a Journey from Stressed to Free you’ll learn the acronym “S-RAIN,” (Stop, Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture) – no longer being against your experience and even needing to change you experience true relaxation.

Derik Eselius

Derik was first introduced to yoga in 1991, fresh out of High School, on a rogue trip to India. The experience set the tone for his adult life and he has remained a dedicated student ever since, studying with a few key masters. He continues to grow into the mantle of a yoga teacher ever since his first rough classes back in 2001. He is the founder of Denver Yoga Underground, a grassroots yoga-operation dedicating to the spirit and service of yoga. As a professor of yoga at Metro University he feels blessed to pass the tradition along to those just starting their journey.

Gathering Presentation – Morning (2.25 hrs):

Gunas: The Three Forces of Life
The gunas are three universal energies that inform every aspect of our inner and outer lives. This workshop will teach how to recognize the gunas in your life experience and work with them masterfully both in yoga practice and in daily activities. Features theoretical presentation and experiential practice.

Arin Levy, Ph.D

Dr. Arin Levy (they/them), founder of Enso Sounds & Healing Arts, is a warm-hearted percussionist and sound artist with roots in Cuban-American heritage, currently residing in Denver, CO. Arin’s lifelong journey with music has been enriched by the pursuit of degrees in western percussion, music theory, and experimental sound art. This unique blend of expertise is harmoniously woven with Arin’s passion for mindfulness, cultivated through the study of meditation and yogic practices.

Gathering Presentation – Afternoon (2.25 hrs):

Embark on a contemplative journey as we delve into the profound connection between mindful listening and inner serenity. Join Derik Eselius and Dr. Arin Levy for a lovely session to explore the healing powers of our mind, body, and spirit. Use listening as a way to interpret the external sonic world, and the internal intuition. Embrace the element of surprise as we uncover hidden layers of self-discovery through the fusion of yoga and deep listening. Together, let us cultivate a space where contemplation, mindfulness, and the delightful surprises of introspection converge to create a harmonious symphony for the soul.

April 6th, 9:30-6:30
700 S. Bonnie Brae Blvd. – 80209
Just 108 Spaces Available!

James Marienthal

With a lifetime of study in music and jazz improvisation, James Marienthal creates compelling and meaningful musical journeys on Native American Style flutes. His album “Speak to the Sky” was described as “a stirring collection of auditory bliss” (Boulder Daily Camera), and his music was acclaimed by The World Flute Society as “Extraordinary music… ethereal, spiritual, meditative, and absolutely amazing.”

Gathering Presentation – Throughout Day:

James will join us at moments of gathering to help us reconnect with the center with deep listening. He will also play also serve as a guest presenter, providing an enchanting sound-landscape, along side Derik Eselius in at his presentation on the gunas. What’s more he will provide ambient support during our 1 hour lunch break.

Beth Sanchez

Gurupriya Beth has been teaching yoga since 2000, and her style has been described as mindful hatha/vinyasa with anatomical depth, nourishing adjustments, contemplative support and invitations to sing together.

Gathering Presentation – Morning (1hr):

Yoga and the Medicine of the Collective

Join Gurupriya Beth in exploring the classic teaching of Yoga as Union, reinforced with Buddhist perspectives, group vocalization, breath, and deep togetherness. Join this workshop as we explore the our collective power as fellow practitioners and open the a field that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Kryss Dutt

Kryss is a compassionate soul traversing a path of healing, dedicated to enriching communities with wellness. Their transformative month of traveling ignited a purpose centered on empowering others through yoga, mental wellness and fostering strength within diverse circles. Currently pursuing a second Master’s Degree in mental wellness and psychology; they absolutely love the nervous system! Rooted in their non-binary identity and Hindu Indo-Caribbean heritage, Kryss aims to enlighten misconceptions, while pursuing their passions.

Gathering Presentation – Afternoon (1hr):

Embodied Harmony: Yoga and the Nervous System
Between yoga practices and the intricate workings of the nervous system, we can find a healing journey that is accessible and equitable. Discover applied polyvagal theory within yoga, unraveling the underpinnings of stress responses and relaxation. Learn to adapt yoga practices to individual nervous system states, enhancing the therapeutic potential of your teaching or personal practice. We will explore practical techniques to integrate mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation. This course looks beyond traditional asanas, emphasizing the holistic benefits of yoga for mental well-being.

Sri Devi Kirtan Collective

Evening – 4:30-6:30 pm

Sri Devi is a co-op of musically-skilled and devoted Bhakti Yoga practitioners who generously share their love of the Devine in heart-felt hymn knows as Kirtan; presented in a call and response fashion.

Gathering Presentation:

Join Sri Devi Kirtan Collective for a heartfelt evening of devotional, love-infused call response singing called Kirtan. Kirtan is a primary practice in the Bhakti Yoga tradition – the yoga of love and devotion. The combined voices of Janaki Rossel and Laura Moses Granger will lead us in this ecstatic method, supported by Stephen Bross on tablas and Ky Gabriel on Kartals.  Come sing and dance your heart open!

April 6th, 9:30-6:30
700 S. Bonnie Brae Blvd. – 80209
Just 108 Spaces Available!