”Gateway Drug to Awesomeness”: The Book

My personal experiment was to practice gratitude and complain less. My intention was to use gratitude as a focus for my meditation practice and to make a list of things I am grateful for in my journal. For the first week, I was journaling and meditating and everything was fine. Thankfully, my experiment took an interesting turn at the end of week one. I was listening to a podcast of a holistic health practitioner that I follow while I was walking my dog and he happened to be interviewing a writer and life coach named Jen Sincero. Jen had just written a book called You are a Badass and she was spreading it’s message of self-exploration and growth. I ended up listening to the podcast twice and immediately drove to Tattered Cover to buy her book. I sat in the book store and read the first 100 pages in a couple of hours. I bought it, took it home and proceeded to finish it in the following week.

If I were to summarize this book, I would say it’s a piece designed to help the reader be a better person, business owner, partner, employee, human being on this planet. It provides basic guidelines to follow in order to improve your life, make more money (in a non-greedy, non-gross, non-offensive kind of way) and be a better person while also providing witty, hilarious personal stories and insights.