Finding Truth in Non-judgment: Observing

In an attempt to discover what Satya or truth means to me I did access consciousness as my experiment.
In my experiment I hope to have a better idea of how judgments affect my daily activities. After
Two weeks of journaling I plan to take my results and live my life for the better.

Looking back on my journal, I can see that I am making judgments every couple of minutes. I
was very surprised to see how many judgments I make in a typical day. My typical day consists of
getting my son Caleb ready for school, then meditation, yoga or a workout, getting ready for work, then
working all day doubles from 11am to 11pm. Before even leaving the house I would make 10-15
judgments. Even something as simple as driving to work, example “Oh my god I can’t believe that lady
is putting on her makeup in her car which is way more than she needs, she looks like she is headed to
the circus.”Or “Wow, what a jerk, how dare you cut me off, god driving like that is going to cause an
accident, how dare you? Don’t you know how to use a blinker?” Even at work I was more surprised with
at least 300 or more judgments, it was exhausting keeping track of the judgments. I was breaking a
sweat example “How in the world could you let your one year old drink soda? Don’t they know what
soda will do to the teeth and how bad it is for you?” “I can’t believe this guy is really hitting on me are
kidding me WOW, does this person know what a napkin is?”

I realized that not telling the truth made me feel heavy and weighed down, distracted, that I
became unfocused and felt overwhelmed. Even little white lies such as “No, Calories don’t count when
you eat out, or, Yes, your butt looks great in those jeans” . After realizing how heavy and distracted I felt
with little lies I can only imagine how much more bigger lies can play a major role on my or
someone else focus and abilities.