Finding Purpose: Questions and Answers

My Yoga Training started out with an intent, to figure out what makes me happy, my passion and my purpose.  I was looking for something but I didn’t know what.  I started taking yoga classes in my pursuit of health and fitness but instead I found something more, something deeper.  This is my journey, my journey that took me to all those things and much more.  During my pursuit of this happiness I ended up in yoga teacher training.  And as it turns out I wasn’t looking for what made “me” happy and what fulfills “me”.  What I was looking for were answers.  I was looking for answers to the big questions of life, who am I and what am I doing here?  What is my purpose?  After taking this new path to learn something new about life and myself I have found that what I was looking for didn’t have anything to do with “me” it had to do with what we were meant to do here.  While we are here on this planet, this life of flesh, what is it that we were meant to do?  The answer I came up with is to learn and grow, to expand our/my mind to the place it needs to be to live in peace and to connect with something bigger.  The reason that I tell you this story is to let you know what brought me to the place of my personal experiment.  My personal experiment as it turns out is very personal but doesn’t really have anything to do with me.  Instead has to do with serving others, serving others for the greater good of creating a better life for someone or other people by using the life and the experiences I have been through.  That’s what this training has done for me.  It has expanded my mind and gotten me in touch with something much greater than just my own wants and needs.