Finding Purpose: Continuing Forward

So we started out talking about yoga and talking about putting together a nightly routine for her.  She was very excited as she’s been watching me do my do my practice and likes to imitate me.  Then we moved on to picking out a routine, I would show her some poses and she would pick what she liked.  This got us to about a 10 minute a night practice for her.  It starts out with a little be silly fun, crazy, get the vatta out practice and moves into calm periods.  We move between periods of high energy expenditure and calm quietness.  This goes on for a couple minutes to maybe five minutes before we get to a point where we can focus on just doing postures and she is in the moment and enjoying it.  Now it has gotten to the point where she asks to do yoga every night as part of her routine.  I have seen small improvements in her daily focus and vatta energy but I think the larger changes will come with more time and more training on yogic practices.  So there is my personal experiment but it’s continually changing and ever growing.  I hope that it will have a much greater and further reaching impact as continual practice impacts a small, still learning and growing life in a way that I can still not fully understand.  As it stands I still cannot even fully understand its impact on me.  But some day I will and if I can provide that opportunity for her too then I will.  I believe that’s what I was put here to do.