Finding Purpose: Applying it to Real Life

So here I am with my ultimate goal in mind, to help others.  And where is this more applicable than in my own home.  The place where I see the problems that arise and the place I can make the most impact.  That place is in my home, with my daughter.  Recently we had parent teacher conferences and the outcome of this conference was that my daughter has “focus issues”, at least according to her teachers.  She is very smart and always exceeds the intelligence expectations but what she doesn’t do is fit into the nice, perfect little box of what our educational system has set out for her and her peers.  My question would be, is this wrong?  What does that mean?  Is there really something wrong with my daughter or maybe instead our educational system?  Or maybe a larger problem, it’s our society and our culture, its expectations of our children and that’s where things have gone wrong.  Well that’s what I came back to, our culture, our system and our expectations.  There is nothing wrong with my daughter, she is just forced to live and adapt to this environment that our western culture has created for her.  Her struggle I understand.  I have been through this same struggle myself, there are all these expectations and all this competition forced on someone who was not meant to be competitive.  I just wanted to live and grow and be open and honest and help people but these are not the goals of our society.  So I struggle to provide a routine, a ritual that can help her exist in a culture that does not support our nature.  That is what I decided was going to be the focus of my personal experiment, to create a ritual and routine of yoga practice to help my daughter deal with the daily environment she is living in so that she can still be herself.