Finding My Own Sadhana : Outer Obstacles

Almost immediately it became clear that my original goal was not going to come to fruition.  The experiment happened to fall on a time when I had a terrible cold that lasted two weeks, making it impossible to breathe normally through my nose let alone do pranayama.  Furthermore, it came at a time when the summer camping trips I lead for youth had started, making it difficult to find the time and space to do a practice that requires so much silence and solitude, and which could be very alienating for the youth I work with.  I also had trouble forcing myself to sit indoors to practice sadhana with the beautiful springtime weather beckoning me outdoors.  I did learn from this obstacle, however.  I learned that I can create my own form of meditation which allows me to be outside, and really enjoy the practice.  I would simply find a quite spot alone in nature and sit up straight while trying to keep my focus on the present moment and my immediate surroundings.  This was a big breakthrough for me as far as getting over my aversions to meditation, because I realized that I could bring in everything I’m learning in yoga and add my own pieces that work for me to make it something that benefits me even more and also allows me to express my spirituality in a way that feels authentic to me.