Exploring Truthfulness: Introduction

When we first began exploring the Yamas my initial thought was, “how am I going to just pick one, I really need help in all of these areas.” Being faced with that reality presented me with a myriad of emotions. I felt shame, amusement, embarrassment, but above all else my ego felt humbled. Rarely do we take a step back assess our shortcomings and live a more conscious life. There is nothing more painfully poignant than actually peeling back the layers of self to realize what actually lies inside. After the emotion subsided I decided which of these Yamas I would attempt to follow. Immediately I was drawn to Satya. As I reflected on this choice I realized that not only to I embellish and tell white lies daily, I also exhibit a non-truthful way of life internally as well.  It also became blazingly clear that there was going to be no way for me to separate Satya from Ahimsa.  Being completely truthful often comes with a fair amount of harm, how would I be both externally and internally truthful without creating pain for myself or others?