Discover the Secret to Success: The Meaning

I realized as a mother I never stop loving my children. When they were babies with every sound of cry they made I was there and ready to take action, checking on their state of well being. No matter how tired, how sleepy, how hungry, or how sad I was I knew my duty, my commitment as a mother to protect my children without any question. I did not think about any reward any recognition or praise for my actions. I understand this is the way of yoga.

I also understand I have a long way to go to be able to respond to every situation in life in the state of yoga, however, now I have the awareness of not being so worried about how hard this will be to achieve but to simply be action focused and keep pushing forward towards meditative state without agitation or resistance. Krishna encourages action with awareness, or selfless action, designed not to please one’s ego or to gain sensual pleasure, but rather in service to a higher power. I am going to focus that. When Arjuna asked Krishna what happens if someone cannot achieve yoga in their lifetime, Krishna says as long as a person is truly committed to achieving yoga, even if he dies before achieving it, he will be reborn into a situation that will help him complete his journey. He says if one begins on the path, then the divine will help guide him towards his goal, even if it takes successive lifetimes to do it.

Krishna’s explanation about death, living, and the immortal self (soul) was enlightening as well. The timing for picking up this book couldn’t have been better. My mother is very ill and could be dying. I have been very sad about it. She lives far from me, in Canada and even though I have other siblings caring for her I wanted to be with her too. Reading this book helped me cope with the situation much better. My first reaction before starting the book was to buy a ticket and fly to Canada right away.

As I read the story I thought of my duty as a student and how I need to stay focused in my training. My duty as a wife and mother and how I am needed at home. My mom has good help right now, I can visit later or if her situation gets much worse. Then I can decide to go. For now I chose to take the action of prayer for her healing and that feels right. I thought of Krishna saying we are already dead. That’s so true! In the past I would stop praying if I didn’t get the results I wanted but now I see how I was so attached to the result and did not understand the path of action. I now understand my prayers may not heal my mom but I keep praying without expectations. It feels peaceful and healing every time I chant a prayer so I will keep going.