Discover the Secret to Success: The Book

For my personal experiment I decided to read the book called Bhagavad-Gita. It was a recommendation by my teacher for those students who could not decide what to pick for their personal experiment.

I had no prior knowledge of this book, its content, and its importance in the world of literature, poetry and spirituality. Of course I had no idea of what impact reading this book would have on myself. All I heard was it’s a story of Krishna presented in a poem format.

What started as just a classroom assignment became a much bigger experience, something I feel will carry with me through life. After finishing this book I know now selecting this book was not just by chance, it came to me because I needed it at this point of my life.

I started with researching online about this book to understand more on what I am about to get into with my classroom assignment. I knew I had a lot to learn since I didn’t even know who Krishna was. As I am writing my summary I realize I will not be able to explain all my learning in the format of 3-page classroom assignment.