A Different Kind of Cleanse: Powering Down

I am very attached to my electronics. They have become an extra limb of my body, to the point where I was taking them to bed with me, with the excuse that my phone was my alarm clock. Since my other experiment did not go so well, I decided to stop the use of electronics one hour before bedtime. I have to say that this was extremely difficult. I used my phone book library to help me go to sleep and now here I was, without lifeline to help me to sleep. If I am being completely honest, the first couple of days, I was not able to do it. I felt something was missing and I kept looking for my phone under my pillow. I had to get out of bed and get my phone. Then I started thinking about substitutions. I figured that if I had something else to “hold on to” my transition would not be so difficult. So I decided to start reading a book that I’ve had for a while just sitting there. Again, it was difficult for me to concentrate on my book, thinking about not having my phone near me. However, as the days went by, it was easier. I had forgotten how much power an actual book has and how much comfort and joy books bring into my life.