A Different Kind of Cleanse: Looking Up

I am proud to say that now, electronics are out of my room. I got myself a real alarm clock so that I don’t have to use the excuse that my phone is my alarm. One hour before bedtime, all the electronics are turned off and stay off until the morning. I think this experiment reminded me things that I had forgotten, First off, the “easy” way is the hardest and most difficult. Trying to cheat and lose weight without proper diet and exercise only makes it more difficult. Doing this cleanse made me look back to that time in my life when the gym was my best friend and my body was healthy. It also made me realize how damaging electronics can be if we don’t learn how to control its use. I don’t want my daughter to have to depend on electronics, so the change has to start with me as the example. Thank you Axis for including these experiments as part as the curriculum. It made a difference in my journey through YOGA!