Covid Response Plan

African American woman does a powerful yoga pose

As we know, Covid has reshaped our culture, and the face of education, in many ways. In light of this, I want to share our Yoga Teacher Training Covid Response Plan. We do have a solid plan to minimize the spread of the Corona Virus within our studio and beyond. At the same time some factors, such as State regulations, are beyond our control.

I want to meet face to face as much as you do. You should also know that we may have to adopt to an online format if warranted.  Presently, I hope to meet in person, implement these steps, and remain safe.

But here is the good news, we have a very robust yoga teacher training Covid response plan in place:

  • Our rental space is separate from the rest of the building and is used minimally and well circulated with fresh air.
  • Ample hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.
  • Personal prop kit (including blankets, blocks, a strap and bolster) for your personal use only.
  • Masks required.  Simple and effective.
  • Dietary and lifestyle adjustments to increase health & immunity.
  • Reduced class sizes for generous social distancing
  • Outside class sessions (weather permitting).
  • Spiritual practice for protection and healing including mantra and meditation.