Covid Response Plan

African American woman does a powerful yoga pose

As we know, Covid has reshaped our culture, and the face of education, in many ways. In light of this, I want to share our Yoga Teacher Training Covid Response Plan. We do have a solid plan to minimize the spread of this disease within our studio and beyond. At the same time, some factors such as State regulations, are beyond our control.

Presently, we intend to conduct our training in person. You should also know that we may have to adopt to an online format if warranted. Of course this is not my first preference, but it could happen.  Hopefully we can meet in person, implement these steps, and remain safe.

But here is the good news, we have a very robust yoga teacher training Covid response plan in place:

  • Our rental space is separate from the rest of the building and is used minimally.
  • Regular cleanings before class.
  • Ample hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.
  • Personal prop kit (including blankets, blocks, a strap and bolster) for your personal use only.
  • Free immune-boosting course prior to the start of the training.
  • Two cohorts (of just nine people) to allow for ample space and maximize the chances of meeting in person. (Currently, Colorado has a ten-person cap on gatherings).
  • We have waived our payment plan fee to help those who may have been compromised economically by the virus.
  • Outside class sessions. Location TBD (weather permitting).
  • Spiritual practice for protection and healing including mantra and meditation.