Connecting with an Inner Divinity: Drawing conclusions

I realized how studying, and learning is another process that can be attributed to God. Teachers of Yoga and philosophy are channels of this God-Source. By listening, reading, and processing their information and insights, I can absorb and be a sponge for the knowledge. By incorporating the insights and lessons into my every day life I can truly learn by experiencing it in my world. I can figure out what aspects of the teachings resonate with my life, and help me to feel that connection to Source.

Overall, I feel that I have had this sense of a God-Source all along, and that now I am able to have more understanding about what that means for me. I will continue to do my free writes every morning, because I get to process my mind stuff, and get insights into how God enters my everyday life. There will always be obstacles like fear, loneliness and overwhelm, but when I look them from the perspective of my God-Self, they aren’t as big and insurmountable as they were before.