Connecting with an Inner Divinity: Changing routines

I chose this Niyama because I have never been very religious or spiritual. My parents didn’t raise me under any specific religion, although my mother has a meditation practice and a Guru that she follows. I still never found myself that attracted to the aspect of having a God outside of myself. I chose this practice of Surrendering to God because I wanted to know what God meant for me.

My experiment was to do a free writing exercise every morning for Fifteen minutes. Writing without stopping to edit myself, while flowing with whatever thoughts or impressions came up for me about “Surrender to God”. From these writings, I found myself getting insight on how I could live my life more in accordance with my God-Self. I have an easier understanding and access of God when I think of it as a consciousness that is within myself, and within everything in existence. From this perspective, I was able to write about different exercises that would help me to recognize that divinity in myself, others and the world I live in.

I looked at how I spent my time. I started waking up at 5am and incorporated a 2 hour morning routine of Qi Gong(Chinese meditative movements), Neti pot, Pranayama, Meditation, Asana, Yoga Nidra(guided meditation), and Free writing.

I wrote about how expressing myself is an act of channeling my God Self. How writing at my blog on is a way to share the lessons that I’ve learned from my God Self. I wrote about how teaching other people yoga and Qi Gong is another way of channeling a higher source. I gave a speech at a Toastmasters meeting and allowing myself to be in that state of peace and harmony while I gave the speech allowed me to flow without having to look at notes. I acknowledged how giving massage is another form of inviting the divine. Listening to their body and allowing my mind to take a back seat as my intuition and divine connection with this being allowed me to facilitate their healing process.