fall leaves of change

Change is at the forefront of who we are.

It’s not possible to refrain from action, as we slumber, the heart still beats and the mind weaves mythic dream-stories to itself; some enchanting, others dreadful.

Change – that inevitable force – and its close friend uncertainty go hand and hand.  I wait for the day when life will pause at a convenient, familiar, and comfortable harbor of homeostasis – the forever vacation moment. That unerring moment has yet to arrive, at least not for very long.

The great goddess Kali is the mother of time. She is like a silent drum beat that calls everything into being for awhile only to dissolve back into the ceaseless abyss from which it came.  She binds mortal life with her loving and destructive embrace – eventually all comes to pass.

“The seeming eternity of my childhood has long since passed.”

As a boy life felt so very fresh, as though it would never end – such innocence. The seeming eternity of my childhood has long since passed and magical-thinking has been replaced by more sober reason. As a grown man, I  aspire to live skillfully amidst the momentum of past choices, mortality and the unknown forces of the future. (And make time for moments of magic as well.)

The mayhem of current events – Covid, social-unrest and the election – is a striking reminder that certainty is an illusion. The collective psyche is shaken. The cultural myth of certainty has been boldly exposed which may feel frightening but can also be liberating.

Dissolution is nothing new, it is as certain as the change of seasons. The forces of time, change and destiny  are ancient and prescient. We can respond (or react) to this inevitability in many ways – with greater or lesser degrees of fear.  Every moment is a chance to be lulled by the numbing sirens of presumed-certainty or to become fully awakened to the new truth of the moment.

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